Preterm birth complications are now the leading cause of death in children under age five. Families urgently need access to cost-effective, practical solutions to help women reach full-term pregnancies and care for newborns.

Born on Time works closely with local governments and stakeholders through a comprehensive approach to preterm birth prevention across communities and local health facilities. We are:

In 2018, Born on Time trained and supported more than 11,160 health care workers working in hospitals, clinics, and within communities; provided key medical equipment and supplies to more than 300 health facilities; and renovated more than 70 health facilities to better serve women and men, girls and boys across Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Mali.

Born on Time also provided prenatal services to 197,791 pregnant women and adolescent girls, skilled delivery for 114,472 births, newborn care to 118,988 babies, and family planning to 720,097 adolescents and adults.

Implemented in Partnership with:

World Vision Plan International Save the Children Government of Canada Johnson & Johnson